Why Farida Sobowale and I went our separate ways – Estranged husband, Odulaja

Why Farida Sobowale and I went our separate ways – Estranged husband, Odulaja

Unveiling the Intricate Details Behind the Demise of the CEO of House of Phreedah Body Care’s Marriage

Estranged husband, Odulaja

In a dramatic turn of events, the marital bliss of Farida Sobowale, the Chief Executive Officer of House of Phreedah Body Care, and her estranged husband, Demola Odulaja, came crashing down mere months after their lavish wedding. The tale that has unfolded is one of intrigue, promiscuity, and unbridled emotions, revealing a complex web of relationships and emotions that ultimately led to the dissolution of their union.

Unraveling the Allegations

Demola Odulaja, the estranged husband, has boldly come forth to voice his grievances and accusations against Farida Sobowale. He alleges that Sobowale’s behavior was marred by promiscuity, lies, and covetousness, which collectively eroded the foundation of their marriage. Interestingly, Odulaja acknowledges a history of over two decades of amicable companionship prior to their marriage, only to be shattered by Sobowale’s “unrestrained and promiscuous way of living.”

A Candid Revelation on Instagram Live

The truth behind this tumultuous marriage came to light during an interview with a Yoruba social commentator, ArewaTopeFamous, conducted via Instagram Live. Odulaja’s revelations have sent shockwaves through the public, shedding light on a side of the relationship that was hidden from the world until now.

A Desperate Cry for Help

Recall that Sobowale’s despair led her to the brink of suicide as she contemplated jumping into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge. The intervention of compassionate Lagos residents prevented this tragedy, but Sobowale’s anguish was undeniably evident. She candidly admitted that her shattered marriage was the catalyst for her desperate intentions.

Unveiling the Marital Discord

Odulaja’s narrative paints a picture of complex relationships and emotional turmoil. He discloses that Sobowale engaged in simultaneous intimate relationships with him and other men even before their marriage. This revelation casts a shadow over the sincerity of their union, questioning the foundation upon which it was built.

Questionable Connections

The estranged husband delves deeper into Sobowale’s actions, highlighting her frequent visits to his brother’s residence, which was in close proximity to their home. These visits, often lasting hours, remained unexplained, leaving Odulaja perplexed and suspicious of her intentions. This pattern of behavior added another layer of strain to their relationship, further contributing to its unraveling.

Defending Against Accusations

Amidst Sobowale’s allegations and branding of Odulaja as a “gigolo,” the latter staunchly defends his reputation and status. He asserts his substantial wealth and opulent lifestyle, residing in a 22-bedroom mansion in Gbagada. He vehemently denies being a gigolo, emphasizing his established social standing, including recognition in London and his long-standing practice of flying first class.

Tracing the History

Odulaja provides a timeline of his connection with Sobowale, tracing it back to her previous marriage with Tunde Sobowale. He claims to have had affairs with her even during her marriage to Tunde, the man with whom she shares three children. However, Odulaja remains tight-lipped regarding the rumored N100 million wedding that Sobowale reportedly financed single-handedly.

The Unraveling of a Bond

The tale of Farida Sobowale and Demola Odulaja’s marriage presents a cautionary tale of the intricate dynamics that can erode even the most established relationships. From allegations of promiscuity to the complexities of overlapping relationships, this story delves into the depths of human emotions and vulnerabilities, showcasing the challenges that can lead to the dissolution of a once-promising union.

Exploring the Lessons

While the particulars of this story are unique, the lessons it offers are universal. It serves as a reminder that even seemingly strong relationships can crumble under the weight of undisclosed emotions and hidden actions. Open communication, trust, and mutual respect stand as pillars that must be upheld to fortify any partnership.

A Glimpse into the Future

As the public grapples with the details of this high-profile breakup, the future remains uncertain for both Sobowale and Odulaja. The intricacies of their shared history will undoubtedly continue to surface, and their individual paths moving forward will be closely watched by those who have become invested in their story.


In the annals of relationships, the marriage between Farida Sobowale and Demola Odulaja stands as a testament to the fragility of human bonds. Their journey, from companionship to turmoil, serves as a stark reminder that even the most promising unions can falter when faced with secrecy, mistrust, and unbridled emotions. It’s a tale that reminds us all to nurture the foundations of our relationships, lest they crumble under the weight of hidden truths and unspoken desires.


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