Why Bella Shmurda Refuses to Pay His Last Respects to Mohbad

Why Bella Shmurda Refuses to Pay His Last Respects to Mohbad


In the wake of the tragic demise of the young and promising Nigerian artist, Ilerioluwa Aloba, widely known as Mohbad, the music industry has been gripped by a wave of sorrow and disbelief. Mohbad’s untimely death, which occurred last Tuesday, has sent shockwaves through the hearts of fans and fellow artists alike. However, what has captured the attention of many is the stance taken by Bella Shmurda, the acclaimed singer behind hits like “Cash App” and “Vision 2020.” Bella Shmurda has boldly declared that he will not pay his last respects to Mohbad until justice is served for his fallen colleague.

A Controversial Passing


The passing of Mohbad, who was laid to rest the day following his demise, remains mired in controversy. There are concerns that his burial was not befitting of his status within the Nigerian entertainment industry, a sentiment echoed by his legions of devoted fans. In the wake of his tragic death, Nigerian youths, particularly those who admired Mohbad’s talent and artistry, have taken to social media to demand justice for him. In addition to virtual protests, some have even taken to the streets in Lagos, Ogun, and Delta states, further underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Bella Shmurda’s Defiant Stand


Bella Shmurda, known for his distinctive music style and vocal prowess, has emerged as a vocal advocate for justice in Mohbad’s case. On a recent post on the popular social media platform X, Bella Shmurda made his stance unequivocally clear. He declared, “Until those who oppress him face justice and are sentenced, nothing like last respect. Igboro be aware (Let the street know).” This bold statement resonated with many who believe that Mohbad’s passing was not a mere coincidence but rather a tragedy that warrants a thorough investigation.

The Call for a Thorough Investigation

Acknowledging the public outcry and growing concerns surrounding Mohbad’s death, the Lagos State Police Command took a significant step on Monday by inaugurating a 13-man special investigation team tasked with probing the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise of the young artist. This move underscores the commitment of the authorities to ensure transparency and justice in the matter.

Furthermore, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos has demonstrated his dedication to resolving this matter swiftly and comprehensively. On Tuesday, he directed the state Police Command to collaborate with the Department of State Service (DSS) to launch a major investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death. This proactive response from the highest office in Lagos reflects the gravity of the situation and the commitment of the government to ensure that justice is served.

The Quest for Justice

The quest for justice in Mohbad’s case goes beyond a mere celebrity tragedy. It serves as a symbol of the Nigerian people’s demand for accountability and fairness within the criminal justice system. The youth’s passionate advocacy for justice, exemplified by Bella Shmurda’s unwavering stand, highlights the power of collective action and the belief that every life, regardless of social status or profession, deserves equal protection under the law.


As the Nigerian music industry mourns the loss of one of its rising stars, Mohbad, the demand for justice has grown louder with each passing day. Bella Shmurda’s refusal to pay his last respects until justice is served reflects a broader sentiment within the nation—a call for accountability and transparency in the face of tragedy.

The investigations initiated by the Lagos State Police Command and the directive from Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu signify a step in the right direction. It is our hope that these efforts will lead to the truth about Mohbad’s untimely death and provide closure to his family, friends, and countless fans.

In this moment of sorrow and reflection, we must remember that justice is not a privilege but a fundamental right, and the voices demanding it will continue to resonate until it is achieved.


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