Unraveling the Mystery: Mohbad’s Tragic Demise and the Pursuit of JusticeMohbadUnraveling the Mystery: Mohbad’s Tragic Demise and the Pursuit of Justice

Unraveling the Mystery: Mohbad’s Tragic Demise and the Pursuit of JusticeMohbadUnraveling the Mystery: Mohbad’s Tragic Demise and the Pursuit of Justice


In a world where the vibrant and ever-evolving music industry continually graces us with the talents of artists who captivate our hearts and souls, there are moments when tragedy strikes, leaving a void that is almost impossible to fill. Such is the case with the untimely demise of the promising Nigerian music star, IleriOluwa Aloba, fondly known as Mohbad. As the world mourns the loss of this musical prodigy, questions surround the circumstances of his death, prompting calls for justice and a deeper examination of the challenges faced by artists in their pursuit of success.

Setting the Stage: The Chief Coroner’s Inquest


The first rays of hope in the quest for answers emerged when Chief Coroner of the High Court of Lagos, Justice Mojisola Dada, took the pivotal step of initiating an inquest into Mohbad’s tragic passing. This decision was not made in haste but was rather a response to a demand by the renowned human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN, who urged the Coroner to conduct a thorough investigation.

The legal basis for this inquest lies in the Lagos State Coroner’s Law of 2007, Section 15, which specifically mandates the convening of an inquest when a death within the Coroner’s district occurs under violent, unnatural, or suspicious circumstances. Mr. Falana, invoking this legal provision, set in motion a process that seeks to uncover the truth behind Mohbad’s demise.

The Inquest’s Journey Begins


With the wheels of justice set in motion, the Chief Coroner notified Mr. Falana that a preliminary inquiry into Mohbad’s death would commence on Friday, September 29, 2023, at Magistrate Court 3, Candide-Johnson Courthouse, Ita-Elewa, Ikorodu. This marks a crucial step in the pursuit of justice, as the proceedings will aim to shed light on the circumstances that led to the tragic loss of a young and promising artist.

The Chief Coroner’s commitment to this cause is evident in the letter sent to Mr. Falana, emphasizing the importance of conducting a thorough investigation in accordance with the provisions of the Coroner’s system law of Lagos State. The meticulous approach to this inquiry offers hope not only to Mohbad’s family and fans but also to anyone concerned with upholding justice and preserving the memory of a talented artist.

The House of Representatives Steps In


Recognizing the gravity of Mohbad’s passing and the broader challenges faced by artists in the music industry, the House of Representatives has entered the arena with a call for action. During a plenary session in Abuja, the House passed a resolution urging the monitoring of the ongoing investigation into the singer’s death.

Of particular concern are the allegations of harassment and unpaid royalties that have surfaced in the wake of Mohbad’s tragic demise. The House has tasked the Nigeria Copyright Commission (NCC) with safeguarding the rights to Mohbad’s songs and lyrics, addressing copyright infringements, and ensuring the proper management of his musical assets. Additionally, they are determined to secure his son’s benefits from his musical legacy.

The House’s Committee on Justice and Legislative Compliance has been mandated to oversee and ensure compliance with these critical initiatives. This decisive action by the House of Representatives underscores the urgency of addressing the issues faced by artists and the need to protect their rights and legacies.

The Music Industry’s Complex Landscape


Mohbad’s journey in the music industry, like that of many other artists, was not without its challenges. His decision to leave his record label, Marlian Records, in 2022, citing grievances that included unpaid royalties, highlights a pervasive issue faced by artists. This issue extends beyond Mohbad, reflecting a broader problem in which artists find themselves entangled in contracts that are often exploitative and face adversity when they seek to break free from these agreements.

The mistreatment and struggles encountered by young artists, who aspire to success but are confronted with contractual challenges, have come to the forefront. Mohbad’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the need for reform and fairness in the music industry. It is a call to action for artists, industry stakeholders, and policymakers to work together to create an environment where talent can thrive without fear of exploitation.

The OPC’s Perspective


The Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), a prominent Yoruba socio-cultural group, has also weighed in on Mohbad’s tragic demise. In a statement by its President, Mr. Wasiu Afolabi, the OPC expressed deep sorrow over the loss of a young artist who had become a true Yoruba Ambassador, promoting the Yoruba language and culture through his music.

The OPC, while mourning the loss, also raised a critical point. They lamented that if Mohbad had confided in them about his troubles, he might have been shielded from the unfortunate circumstances that led to his death. The OPC has a history of mediating in such cases, fostering peace and harmony among feuding parties.

In Conclusion, Seeking Justice and Reform

As we navigate the intricate web of events surrounding Mohbad’s tragic passing, we are reminded of the challenges faced by artists in their pursuit of success and recognition. Mohbad’s story reflects a broader narrative of exploitation, contractual disputes, and the need for industry-wide reform.

The initiation of the Chief Coroner’s inquest, coupled with the House of Representatives’ call for action, offers hope that justice will prevail, and the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death will be thoroughly examined. Additionally, it serves as a wake-up call for the music industry to address the systemic issues that artists encounter in their careers.

In memory of Mohbad, who sang of peace and light, let us unite in our pursuit of justice and reform in the music industry. His legacy will not only be the music he left behind but also the change he inspires in an industry that should protect and celebrate its artists.


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