Tragic Accident Claims Life in Lagos: Fuel Tanker Mishap at Kola Bus-Stop

Tragic Accident Claims Life in Lagos: Fuel Tanker Mishap at Kola Bus-Stop

Tragic Accident Claims Life in Lagos

In a tragic incident over the weekend, a fuel tanker toppled onto a commercial bus while attempting to navigate a deteriorated section of Kola Bus-Stop on the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, heading toward Sango. The unfortunate incident resulted in the loss of a female passenger’s life, while two others sustained injuries.

Emergency Response by LASEMA

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) confirmed the incident, noting that it received a distress call at 16:30 hours on Saturday through the agency’s 112/767 toll-free lines. LASEMA promptly activated the Lagos State Emergency Response Plans and dispatched response teams equipped with the necessary light and heavy-duty equipment to the accident scene.

Upon arrival, the agency observed that a white MACK petroleum oil tanker, loaded with 45,000 liters of Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS), a white Hi-Ace interstate bus, and a commercial Volkswagen Vanagon bus were involved in the road traffic accident.

Accident Details

Investigations at the scene revealed that the accident occurred as the oil tanker was navigating an undulating portion of the road, leading to its overturn onto two commercial buses. Tragically, an adult female lost her life in the process, while other occupants of the buses managed to escape without injuries.

During the overnight recovery operation, LASEMA’s Response Teams faced challenges from miscreants attempting to disrupt the process and engage in fuel scooping. Despite these challenges, the recovery operation was successfully coordinated. The agency deployed its heavy-duty sophisticated equipment, known as “Elephant,” for the swift recovery of the fallen oil tanker. The salvaged contents were trans-loaded into two 20,000-liter oil tankers, ensuring the safe removal of the hazardous material.

Safety Measures and Road Reopening

LASEMA implemented precautionary measures to prevent any potential explosion due to the spilled PMS. The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Services played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the recovery process. The fallen oil tanker has been successfully recovered, and the salvaged contents have been safely removed from the incident scene.

The entire area has been secured, and the Lagos Fire and Rescue Services have ensured that the road is safe for public use. LASEMA conducted a post-recovery assessment to confirm the safety of residents and road users in the affected area, averting any secondary incidents.

This unfortunate accident underscores the importance of road maintenance and safety, emphasizing the need for ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure to prevent such tragic occurrences in the future.


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