Tragedy Strikes: Nigerian Nurse Taiwo Owoeye Strangled to Death in UK

Tragedy Strikes: Nigerian Nurse Taiwo Owoeye Strangled to Death in UK

Nigerian Nurse Taiwo Owoeye Strangled to Death in UK

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the family of former ophthalmic nurse Taiwo Owoeye is mourning her untimely demise in Suffolk, United Kingdom. Taiwo, who had worked at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, met a tragic end on Tuesday, November 28, allegedly strangled to death by her husband, David Abodunde.

Disturbing Circumstances Surrounding the Tragedy

Reports reveal that Taiwo, a mother of three and a dedicated nurse in the UK, had previously reported an assault by her husband to the police on Monday, November 27. The following day, the police visited their residence and discovered Taiwo lifeless on the living room floor. Despite efforts to revive her, paramedics declared her dead at the scene. Her husband, David Abodunde, present in the apartment, was subsequently arrested on suspicion of her murder.

Marriage and Relocation to the UK

The couple, who tied the knot in 2016, had a complex journey. Taiwo moved to the UK in 2022, and her husband followed suit earlier this year. The tragic events unfolded, casting a dark shadow over what seemed like a new chapter in their lives.

Brother’s Grief and Allegations

Taiwo’s brother, Alex Owoeye, took to Facebook to announce her painful exit, alleging that David was declared the sole murderer after a thorough police investigation. He stated, “Despite being caught in the act, he (the husband) was declared the sole murderer of his wife (my sister).” The grieving brother also shared that the couple’s three children are now under the care of UK social services.

Outcry for Justice on Social Media

The news of Taiwo’s death has sparked an outcry on social media, with friends and relatives expressing shock and grief. Opeyemi Owoeye, another relative, emphasized the need for justice, stating, “She was killed by her own very husband (Abodunde Bunmi David), no peace for the wicked. Justice for Owoeye Taiwo.” The online community echoes the sentiment, demanding accountability for the tragic incident.

Community Response and Reflection

Olabanji Fabiyi, reacting to the news, shared his perspective on the tragedy. He emphasized the improbable nature of any provocation from Taiwo warranting such a brutal act and highlighted the disturbing audio clip of the events leading up to her death. The community is left grappling with the harsh reality of domestic violence and its devastating consequences.

Promoting Awareness and Support

As the details of this heartbreaking incident unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive issue of domestic violence. Beyond the individual tragedy, it calls for increased awareness, support for victims, and a collective effort to prevent such occurrences in the future.

In closing, the death of Nurse Taiwo Owoeye has sent shockwaves through her community, both online and offline. As her family mourns and seeks justice, the broader conversation around domestic violence takes center stage, prompting a collective call for action.


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