Title: Every Jewish Family in UK Affected by Attack on Israel, Says Chief Rabbi



In these turbulent times, as the world watches the tragic events unfolding in Israel and Gaza, it’s impossible to ignore the far-reaching impact of this conflict. Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis has aptly articulated the sentiments of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom, asserting that there is hardly a Jewish family in the UK that remains untouched by the recent attacks on Israel. This profound statement resonates with the collective grief, worry, and solidarity that has swept across the Jewish diaspora in the UK.

The Words of the Chief Rabbi

Sir Ephraim Mirvis, a respected and influential figure within the Jewish community, recently spoke with BBC News, providing insights into the emotional turmoil experienced by Jewish families in the UK. He emphasized that the current situation is one of mourning, deep grief, and enormous worry for the community.

The Unprecedented Toll

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has taken an unprecedented toll, with over 700 lives lost in Israel since the commencement of the attacks, including a devastating incident at a music festival where 260 lives were tragically cut short. On the other side, more than 100 Israelis have been kidnapped, their fate largely uncertain as they are believed to have been taken into Gaza. In response, Israel has declared war on the militant group, launching a series of strikes on Gaza, which, tragically, have resulted in the loss of nearly 500 Palestinian lives.

Solidarity Across Borders

Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis touched upon the heartening aspect of the global response to these harrowing events. He noted that many individuals and communities worldwide have demonstrated unwavering solidarity with the Jewish community and the people of Israel. The empathy expressed by countless individuals is a testament to the profound impact of these events on a global scale.

The Global Reach of Antisemitism

Addressing a sobering reality, Rabbi Mirvis acknowledged that antisemitism continues to persist worldwide. The recent conflict has unmasked this ugly facet of society, serving as a stark reminder of the deep-seated prejudices that persist. In his words, we have witnessed “one of the most awful terrorist outrages in living memory, ever since the conclusion of World War Two.” The gravity of this statement underscores the need for decisive action to ensure the safety and security of Jewish communities everywhere.

A Dream Deferred

David Lerner, a member of the north-west London Jewish community, voiced his heartache at witnessing the cruelty reminiscent of a bygone era. For decades, he had held onto a dream of a peaceful resolution between Israel and the Palestinians. However, the recent events have shattered this dream, leaving him sickened, saddened, and terrified.

Concerns and Preparations

In the wake of the attacks, the Board of Deputies of British Jews has issued a stark warning about the potential rise in hate crimes. History has shown that conflicts in the Middle East often lead to increased incidents of antisemitism in the UK. In response, the board is actively coordinating with the government to ensure that the police provide essential support to the Jewish community during these challenging times. They urge anyone who experiences or witnesses such incidents to report them to the police and the Community Security Trust (CST).

Heightened Security Measures

As a precautionary measure, police patrols have been intensified across London, particularly in areas where the Jewish community is prominent. Videos have emerged showing individuals apparently celebrating the Hamas attack on Israel, prompting law enforcement to provide a visible presence to reassure the affected communities.

The Fight Against Hate

In a firm stance against antisemitism and terrorism, Home Secretary Suella Braverman emphasized that the police will not hesitate to use the full force of the law against any displays of support for Hamas, an organization designated as a terrorist group in the UK. She asserted that there must be zero tolerance for antisemitism or the glorification of terrorism on the streets of Britain.

In conclusion, the words of Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis reflect the profound impact of the Israel-Gaza conflict on Jewish families in the UK. As the world watches these tragic events, it is imperative that we stand together in solidarity, support one another, and work towards a future where peace and understanding prevail.


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