The UK government initiates a legal dispute regarding the WhatsApp messages of Boris Johnson during the Covid era.

The UK government initiates a legal dispute regarding the WhatsApp messages of Boris Johnson during the Covid era.

UK government: The inquiry chair Judge Heather Hallett ordered the Cabinet Office to provide up all correspondence, and the Cabinet Office said that it was seeking a judicial review of the decision.


It specifically opposes the publication of unredacted WhatsApp chats, personal journals, and notebooks from then-prime minister Boris Johnson.

As the death toll rose and additional varieties surfaced, Johnson came under fire for not taking the threat seriously enough early in the health catastrophe.

Additionally, ministers have come under fire for omitting government procurement regulations when issuing contracts for protective equipment to friends and allies.

The Cabinet Office, which coordinates government operations throughout the executive branch, had until 4:00 PM (1500 GMT) to provide the documents or face legal action.

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UK government

However, it stated in a letter to Hallett that the Cabinet Office had asked for permission to file a judicial review today.

“We do so with regret and the assurance that we will continue to fully cooperate with the investigation before, during, and after the in question jurisdictional issue is decided by the courts,” the statement reads.

If a review is approved, the inquiry will be examined to see if it “has the power to compel production of documents and messages which are unambiguously irrelevant to the inquiry’s work, including personal communications and matters unrelated to the government’s handling of Covid,” according to the letter.

It stated that the request for unmistakably unrelated information “goes beyond the powers of the inquiry” and that doing so would be a “unwarranted intrusion into other aspects of the work of government” as well as current and past ministers, as well as workers of the government.

The choice of what is pertinent to the investigation, according to Hallett, is her responsibility. The main opposition Labour party charged that the administration was trying to conceal up something.

Johnson said on Thursday that he was prepared to immediately supply the requested information. Johnson established the investigation, which will have its first full hearing later this month.

Johnson stated in a second letter, “I see no reason why the inquiry should not be able to satisfy itself about the contents of my own Whatsapps and notebooks.”

If you want this information right now, please let me know where and how to deliver it to you, he said.

UK government
UK government

When it was revealed last week that the Cabinet Office had sent information to two police units about possible violations of pandemic restrictions, he was incensed.

He was previously penalized for violating the rules he established for the nation by attending drunken meetings in Downing Street together with dozens of aides and the current prime minister Rishi Sunak.


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