The Remarkable Offer: Abramovich’s Gesture of Kindness – Mikel Obi’s Testimonial

The Remarkable Offer: Abramovich’s Gesture of Kindness – Mikel Obi’s Testimonial

Abramovich’s Gesture of Kindness

In the world of football, stories often revolve around the thrilling matches, the passionate fans, and the incredible talents that grace the pitch. However, there are moments when the beautiful game transcends the boundaries of the field, revealing the extraordinary character of those involved. One such story is the heartwarming tale of Roman Abramovich, the former owner of Chelsea Football Club, offering to send help to rescue the kidnapped father of Super Eagles and Chelsea legend, Mikel Obi.

The Unforgettable World Cup Moment

In 2018, the world turned its attention to the FIFA World Cup held in Russia. The tournament was filled with excitement and anticipation, with fans from around the globe coming together to celebrate the spirit of the game. For Mikel Obi, however, this tournament would be etched in his memory for a different reason.

Hours before Nigeria’s crucial match against Argentina, Mikel received a phone call from his brother, delivering the devastating news that his father, Pa Michael Obi, had been kidnapped for the second time. The young footballer’s heart sank, and his mind raced with worry about the safety of his beloved father.

Chelsea’s Supportive Stance

In the face of such a distressing situation, Mikel Obi found comfort and support from an unexpected source—his club, Chelsea. Roman Abramovich, the billionaire owner of the club, reached out to Mikel with an astonishing offer. He asked, “Do you want me to send people over? Because I know if I send people over, I can get your dad out.”

The generosity and compassion behind Abramovich’s offer left Mikel Obi speechless. Here was the owner of a prestigious football club, a man known for his business acumen and wealth, willing to go to great lengths to help a player’s family member in distress. It was a testament to the bonds and relationships that can be forged in the world of football.

Mikel, understandably shocked by the offer, asked, “How are you going to do this?” Abramovich’s response was reassuring, “Don’t worry about that. Just let me know if you want that option; I can do it.” The Chelsea owner’s willingness to intervene, demonstrating a deep sense of empathy, was truly extraordinary.

A Tale of Resilience and Solidarity

Mikel Obi’s experience also shed light on the broader football community’s spirit of solidarity. He not only praised Chelsea but also acknowledged Liverpool’s recent support for another player, Luis Diaz, who had faced a similar ordeal when his father was kidnapped.

Expressing his gratitude towards Liverpool, Mikel stated, “I’m happy to see that Liverpool are very supportive. I must give credit to Liverpool for what they’re doing.” This acknowledgment highlights the empathy and unity that exists among football clubs, transcending the fierce competition on the pitch.

Empathy in the Face of Adversity

Kidnappings are traumatic experiences, and the victims often find themselves in helpless situations. Mikel Obi, having experienced the ordeal firsthand, could deeply empathize with Luis Diaz and others who have gone through such harrowing circumstances.

Mikel emphasized the excruciating helplessness one feels in such situations, saying, “This kind of situation is where you absolutely have nothing to do. You just have to wait because they will call you. They will demand this, and they will demand that. They will say if you don’t do what we want, we’re going to shoot your dad. We’re going to kill him.”

These chilling demands, often accompanied by threats, make it an incredibly distressing experience for the victims and their families. Mikel Obi’s candid revelation provides a glimpse into the emotional turmoil that accompanies such situations.

The Price of Freedom

The most heart-wrenching part of Mikel Obi’s story was hearing his father on the phone, crying and pleading for his son to do whatever it took to secure his release. “Can you give them what they want because I’ve been beaten up here, and they’ve got a gun on my head every time they say they’re going to kill me?” his father implored.

In a desperate bid to save his father, Mikel did what any loving son would do—he paid a substantial sum of money to secure his father’s release. The emotional and financial toll of such an ordeal is immeasurable, but Mikel’s love for his father was unwavering, and he spared no effort to bring him home safely.

A Heartwarming Tale of Human Kindness

The story of Roman Abramovich’s offer to send help to rescue Mikel Obi’s father is a remarkable testament to the compassion and empathy that can exist in the world of football. It transcends the confines of a sport and reveals the extraordinary bonds that can be formed between players and their club owners.

This story is a powerful reminder that amidst the fierce competition and rivalry, there is a deep well of humanity within the football community. Mikel Obi’s experience, and the support he received, showcases the best of what the sport and its people have to offer.

In times of adversity, when the world watches the game, it is the off-field moments of kindness and solidarity that truly define the spirit of football. Mikel Obi’s tale is one of resilience, love, and the unbreakable bonds that exist in the world’s most beloved sport.


In a world where the beautiful game often dominates headlines, the story of Roman Abramovich’s offer to rescue Mikel Obi’s kidnapped father is a remarkable tale of compassion and empathy. It serves as a shining example of the deep bonds that can be formed within the football community, going beyond the field and showcasing the human side of the sport. The support offered by Chelsea and Liverpool in times of adversity demonstrates that the football world is not just about competition but also about compassion and solidarity.


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