Terrorist Attack in Plateau State: A Tragic Night of Terror

<em>Terrorist Attack in Plateau State: A Tragic Night of Terror</em>

In a horrific incident that unfolded on Tuesday night, terrorists launched a deadly attack on Chisu village in Mangu Local Government of Plateau State, claiming the lives of eleven innocent individuals. The assailants struck the village, prompting terrified residents to seek refuge in a nearby house upon hearing gunshots. However, the terrorists relentlessly pursued them, setting ablaze the very shelter the villagers had sought for safety.


According to Michael Bulus, a fortunate survivor from the Chisu community, the terrorists not only targeted the residents but also set fire to a church situated along the Mangu-Bokkos Road, as well as several other properties, before vanishing into the night.

The harrowing events of that night left a profound impact on the community. Bullets rang out, instilling fear and panic among the villagers, who fled for their lives. Tragically, the house that served as their refuge became a fiery deathtrap, claiming the lives of eleven individuals whose charred remains were discovered the following morning.

Adding to the devastation, the COCIN Regional Church Council in Bwai, located along the Mangu-Bokkos Road, fell victim to the attackers’ flames. Numerous houses, vehicles, and tricycles were also engulfed in the destructive inferno.

The heart-wrenching incident in Plateau State serves as a grim reminder of the persistent threat of terrorism and the profound loss it inflicts upon innocent lives. As the affected community mourns their tragic loss and begins to rebuild, it is crucial for authorities to undertake swift and comprehensive measures to ensure the safety and security of all residents.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving families and the Chisu community during this immensely difficult time. May they find solace and strength in the face of this senseless act of violence, and may justice be served to those responsible for this heinous crime.


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