Sanusi Supports Relocation of CBN Departments to Lagos

Sanusi Supports Relocation of CBN Departments to Lagos

Sanusi Supports Relocation of CBN Departments to Lagos

Former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has voiced his support for the relocation of some CBN departments from Abuja to Lagos, describing it as a sensible move. He criticized those opposing the relocation, accusing them of playing dirty politics.

Sanusi expressed his stance in a statement on Wednesday, emphasizing the strategic benefits of moving certain functions to the larger Lagos office. He revealed that he had contemplated a similar move during his tenure but lacked sufficient time to implement it.

According to Sanusi, relocating departments such as Financial System Stability (FSS) and Operations to Lagos while maintaining essential functions in Abuja is strategically sound. He dismissed opposition to the policy as unnecessary, highlighting the presence of CBN staff across the country.

Sanusi emphasized the importance of strategic analysis in determining which roles are best suited to Lagos and which to Abuja. He urged the CBN to prioritize empathy in considering individual situations, such as accommodating young mothers or employees with medical conditions who may prefer to stay in Abuja.

Sanusi advised the CBN Governor not to yield to political pressure, stressing the need to push through decisions regardless of their difficulty or unpopularity. He cited his own experience with licensing Jaiz Bank despite religious objections, emphasizing the importance of upholding principles over ethnic or religious considerations.

In conclusion, Sanusi encouraged the CBN to remain resolute in its decisions, emphasizing the necessity of toughness in handling unpopular policies amidst opposition from various quarters.


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