Repositioning Borno’s Healthcare: A Vision for a Healthier Future

Repositioning Borno’s Healthcare: A Vision for a Healthier Future


In the heart of Nigeria’s northeastern region lies Borno State, a land marked by resilience, culture, and a history that runs deep. This land has faced numerous challenges, including a prolonged and devastating insurgency by Boko Haram, which has wrought havoc on the state’s healthcare infrastructure. However, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum, a visionary leader with a passion for change, is determined to reshape the destiny of healthcare in Borno. With a triumvirate of accomplished professors leading the charge, the call for repositioning Borno’s healthcare has never been more urgent.

A Gathering of Professors: A Unique Opportunity

Governor Zulum’s conviction that now is the time to reposition the health sector couldn’t be clearer. At a recent meeting with the Health Minister, Prof. Mohammed Ali Pate, the governor emphasized the unique constellation of expertise at his disposal. In his own words, “If we cannot do it now, then we should forget about it because the Commissioner of Health (Babagana M. Mallum) is a Professor, the Chief Medical Director of the Hospitals Management Board (Bukar Kullima) is a Professor, the Coordinator of the State Primary Healthcare Agency (Mohammed Arab Alhaji) is a Professor, and above all, you, the Coordinating Minister of Health, are also a Professor.”

This assembly of academic prowess presents an unprecedented opportunity to catalyze transformation in the healthcare sector. Governor Zulum’s determination to seize this moment reflects his unwavering commitment to the people of Borno.

The Imperative of Repositioning

Why is this call for repositioning so critical? The answer lies in the dire circumstances that have plagued Borno’s healthcare for far too long. Over the past decade, the Boko Haram crisis has exacted a heavy toll, destroying more than 40% of health facilities across the state. The need for immediate and strategic action cannot be overstated.

Paving the Path to Progress

Governor Zulum’s administration has already begun to pave the path to progress in Borno’s healthcare landscape. Within just over four years, significant achievements have been realized. These include the construction, reconstruction, and equipping of approximately 200 primary and post-primary health centers. The provision of essential medical facilities and consumables, along with the distribution of free drugs for maternal health care and children under the age of five, has been instrumental in improving healthcare accessibility across the state.

A Collaborative Approach

It is important to recognize that the journey to reposition Borno’s healthcare is not one that can be undertaken in isolation. Governor Zulum has consistently expressed his appreciation for the support received from federal institutions such as the Federal Ministry of Health, National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), and various partners. Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in addressing the healthcare challenges faced by the state.

Expressing Gratitude

During the recent meeting at the Government House, Health Minister Professor Mohammed Ali Pate expressed his gratitude to Governor Zulum for his unwavering support of federal Government-owned health institutions in Borno, particularly the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. This partnership underscores the importance of a united front in the pursuit of a healthier future for Borno.

A United Front for a Healthier Borno

In attendance at the meeting were key figures in Borno’s governance, including Deputy Governor Umar Usman Kadafur, Senator Mohammed Tahir Monguno, and Senator Kaka Shehu Lawan, among other top government officials. This gathering symbolizes the unity of purpose and commitment to the cause of repositioning Borno’s healthcare.


The call for repositioning Borno’s healthcare, echoed by Governor Babagana Umara Zulum, carries with it a sense of urgency and hope. The confluence of expertise, dedication, and collaboration creates a unique opportunity to bring about transformative change in the healthcare sector. As Borno State emerges from the shadows of adversity, it is poised to embrace a future where healthcare is a cornerstone of progress and prosperity for its people.

In conclusion, the journey ahead is challenging, but the resolve to reposition Borno’s healthcare is unyielding. Together, with unwavering commitment and concerted effort, we can usher in an era of healthcare excellence in Borno State.


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