Pogba Tests Positive Again for Testosterone, Faces Threat of Lengthy Ban

Pogba Tests Positive Again for Testosterone, Faces Threat of Lengthy Ban


In the world of sports, few names resonate as profoundly as Paul Pogba’s. His incredible talent, flair on the football pitch, and charismatic presence have made him a global icon. However, the recent revelation of a positive testosterone test has sent shockwaves through the footballing community. In this article, we delve into the details surrounding Pogba’s predicament, its potential ramifications, and the impact it could have on his illustrious career.

The Initial Test

On that fateful day of August 20, 2023, Paul Pogba was gearing up to take the field in a Serie A game against Udinese. Little did he know that this seemingly routine fixture would set off a chain of events that could alter the course of his career. Pogba, despite spending 90 minutes on the bench, was called in for a random drugs test after the match. The test, as it turned out, would be anything but ordinary.

The initial test detected elevated levels of testosterone in Pogba’s system. Testosterone, a hormone known for its role in enhancing athletes’ endurance, raised eyebrows and concerns. It’s important to note that elevated testosterone levels can be indicative of doping, a practice strictly prohibited in professional sports.

The Indefinite Suspension

Following the revelation of the elevated testosterone levels, Pogba was promptly placed under an indefinite suspension. Both the player and his club, Juventus, were left in a state of uncertainty, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the analysis of a second sample. This analysis would ultimately determine Pogba’s fate and whether the allegations of doping would hold.

The Second Sample

The anticipation surrounding the results of the counter-analysis was palpable. Pogba’s future hung in the balance as experts meticulously examined the second sample. When the results came back positive, it sent shockwaves through the footballing world. Juventus now found themselves facing a pivotal decision – how to proceed with Pogba’s contract.

The Potential Ramifications

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Paul Pogba. If found guilty of doping, he could be staring at a suspension that could last up to four long years. Such a punishment would be a devastating blow to the 30-year-old midfielder, who is under contract with Juventus until the summer of 2025.

Additionally, Pogba’s €7 million yearly salary agreement hangs by a thread. If he is indeed found guilty of doping offenses during a sporting trial and subsequently slapped with a lengthy ban, it could spell the end of his lucrative contract.

A History of Injury Woes

To fully understand the gravity of Pogba’s current situation, one must take into account his recent injury woes. Pogba’s return to Juventus was marked by persistent injury problems, which kept him sidelined during the 2022-23 campaign. He was notably absent from France’s run to the World Cup final the previous year due to a knee injury and only managed to make six Serie A appearances for Juventus in the preceding season.

In the current season, Pogba has yet to secure a starting spot but has made two substitute appearances, with his last outing being in the 2-0 victory against Empoli. The injury-prone nature of his recent career adds a layer of complexity to his ongoing battle against doping allegations.


Paul Pogba, once the poster boy of modern football, now finds himself in the midst of a turbulent storm. The positive testosterone test and the subsequent suspension have cast a shadow of uncertainty over his future. Juventus faces a daunting decision as they navigate the precarious path ahead.

As fans, we can only hope for a fair and just resolution to this situation, one that takes into account all the intricate factors at play. The outcome of this case will not only shape Pogba’s career but also serve as a reminder of the constant vigilance required to maintain the integrity of professional sports.

In conclusion, the sporting world watches with bated breath as the saga of Paul Pogba unfolds, hoping for clarity, fairness, and a just resolution to the challenges he currently faces.


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