N-Delta Affairs Ministry tasks NDDC on 2024 budget

N-Delta Affairs Ministry tasks NDDC on 2024 budget

Enhancing Budgetary Processes for Sustainable Development in the Niger Delta Region

2024 budget

In the pursuit of sustainable development and effective resource allocation, the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs has issued a compelling directive to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). The mandate revolves around evolving and adopting a budgetary process that aligns seamlessly with the stipulated provisions of the relevant Establishment Act. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Shuaib Belgore, conveyed this crucial advice during a keynote address at the esteemed Partners for Sustainable Development Forum – NDSC 2014 Budget Conference held at Uyo.

Embracing Legal Provisions for Effective Budgeting

2024 budget

At the heart of this directive lie the pivotal Sections 18 and 19 of the NDDC Act. According to these sections, the Commission’s Board is legally obligated to submit a budget proposal for the succeeding year no later than the 30th of September of the current year. Consequently, the 2024 Budget of the Commission must be meticulously prepared and submitted by the 30th of September 2023. These legal requirements underscore the necessity of a timely, thorough, and meticulously prepared budgeting process.

The Budget Submission Journey

2024 budget

The meticulously designed budget proposal follows a procedural journey. Upon its careful formulation, the Commission submits the proposal to the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs. After undergoing a process of comprehensive scrutiny and review, the proposal is then forwarded to the President, who holds the esteemed position of Commander-in-Chief. This meticulously constructed proposal is a crucial instrument that guides the direction of resource allocation and subsequent developmental efforts in the Niger Delta Region.

The Imperative of Transparency and Stakeholder Participation

2024 budget

Shuaib Belgore, representing the Ministry, underlined the necessity of embracing innovative and transparent approaches to budgeting. This involves the active engagement of stakeholders, ensuring that the budgeting process remains informed by the real needs of the people. The objective here is to optimize the utilization of available resources to address the most critical requirements of the region’s inhabitants. This strategy promises a more focused, effective, and impactful allocation of resources.

Pledging Support and Collaboration

2024 budget

As the supervising Ministry responsible for coordinating the overall developmental endeavors and activities within the Niger Delta Region, the commitment of support was reiterated. The Ministry pledges to provide unwavering assistance to the Commission, ensuring the smooth passage of annual budgets and the consistent flow of statutory contributions from the Federal Government. This collaborative effort is crucial to ensuring that the Commission’s initiatives and developmental plans are seamlessly integrated into the broader national agenda.

Acknowledging Progress and Challenges

The commendation extended to the current management of the NDDC signifies the paradigm shift towards pragmatic service delivery. This innovative approach marks a significant departure from historical practices, garnering appreciation for its forward-thinking disposition. However, historical challenges cannot be overlooked. Budgets of the NDDC have historically grappled with issues such as belated submissions and delayed approvals, contributing to suboptimal implementation. The NDSC 2014 Budget Conference is poised to address and rectify these challenges.

Vision of Effective Budgeting

Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the NDDC, expressed the crucial role that the stakeholders’ forum plays in achieving an effective budgeting system. The conference aligns seamlessly with the ‘Renewed Hope’ project of the Federal Government, emphasizing the importance of this endeavor in national development. The forum serves as a dynamic platform for all stakeholders to convene and collectively devise an effective budgeting pathway, in line with the overarching vision for the Niger Delta region.

Strengthening Partnerships and Resource Optimization

The forum is not merely symbolic but holds a practical and strategic significance. Dr. Ogbuku underlined that it encourages the convergence of resources and expertise towards a shared goal. By eliminating duplication of efforts and fostering harmonious collaboration, the conference contributes to effective resource utilization and prevents the wastage of scarce resources that are earmarked for regional developmental initiatives.

Involvement of Traditional Leaders

Oba (Dr) Obatemi Ogbaro, the Acting National Chairman of the Association of Traditional Rulers of Oil Mineral Producing Communities (TROMPCON), emphasized the critical role of traditional leaders in the region. Calling for their increased involvement, Oba Ogbaro highlighted their invaluable insights in matters related to the siting, supervision, and protection of projects. This acknowledgment underscores the rich cultural heritage and localized wisdom that traditional leaders bring to the developmental landscape.


The directive from the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs to the NDDC heralds a new era of budgeting excellence and resource optimization. By aligning with legal provisions, embracing transparency and stakeholder participation, and fostering collaborative partnerships, the Commission is poised to enhance its developmental impact within the Niger Delta Region. The NDSC 2014 Budget Conference serves as a significant milestone towards achieving these objectives. As we collectively navigate the intricacies of effective budgeting, the promise of a better region and empowered people beckons on the horizon.


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