Military neutralises 36 terrorists, arrests 163 criminals

Military neutralises 36 terrorists, arrests 163 criminals

Outranking Terrorism and Crime: Armed Forces of Nigeria’s Heroic Achievements

In recent times, the Armed Forces of Nigeria have showcased their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the nation and its citizens by carrying out successful operations that have led to the elimination of terrorists and the apprehension of suspected criminals and gunmen. This commendable display of valor and dedication to duty is a testament to the relentless efforts made by the troops in various theatres of operation.

Eliminating Terrorists and Apprehending Criminals

Military neutralises 36 terrorists, arrests 163 criminals

The Director of Defence Media Operations, Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba, proudly announced the outstanding achievements of the Nigerian Armed Forces in their fight against terrorism and crime. Over the last two weeks, the troops have eliminated a total of 36 terrorists, striking a significant blow to the extremist elements that threaten the nation’s security.

Not stopping at just eliminating terrorists, the troops have demonstrated their expertise in apprehending criminals and perpetrators of heinous acts. Among those arrested, 137 gunmen, three gunrunners, two kidnappers, six collaborators, and 15 oil theft perpetrators were brought to justice. Such effective operations have provided a sense of relief to the Nigerian population, knowing that the perpetrators of violence and criminal activities are being swiftly dealt with.

Rescuing Hostages and Recovering Weapons

Military neutralises 36 terrorists, arrests 163 criminals

In addition to their gallant efforts in combatting criminals, the Nigerian Armed Forces have shown their compassion and concern for civilians caught in the crossfire of violence. During their operations, they rescued a staggering 140 kidnapped hostages, reuniting them with their families and giving them a chance to rebuild their lives.

The troops’ relentless pursuit of criminals has also led to the recovery of a significant number of weapons and ammunition. A total of 37 weapons, including 16 AK47 rifles, six pump-action guns, six Dane guns, and three fabricated rifles, were retrieved from the hands of those who sought to cause harm.

Crushing Illegal Activities and Oil Theft

Military neutralises 36 terrorists, arrests 163 criminals

Aside from their fight against terrorism, the Armed Forces have also been actively combatting illegal activities, particularly illegal oil refining and theft. Through their diligent efforts, they have managed to discover and destroy 61 dugout pits, 32 wooden boats, and 87 storage tanks used by criminals involved in illegal oil activities. Additionally, the troops successfully neutralized 36 illegal refining sites, putting a dent in the illegal oil trade.

In this regard, Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba revealed that the Armed Forces also seized 310,700 liters of stolen crude oil, 14,675 liters of Automotive Gas Oil, 49,000 liters of Dual Purpose Kerosene, and five liters of Premium Motor Spirit. Such actions demonstrate the Armed Forces’ commitment to combating all forms of criminal activities that threaten Nigeria’s economic stability and environmental health.

Triumph in the North East

Military neutralises 36 terrorists, arrests 163 criminals

The North East region of Nigeria, known for its vulnerability to terrorist attacks, has been a focal point for the Armed Forces’ operations under “Operation Hadin Kai.” The relentless efforts of the troops in this region have resulted in the neutralization of nine terrorists and the arrest of 19 insurgents, six terrorist collaborators, and couriers. Moreover, they successfully rescued 12 hostages, bringing hope to families who have suffered from the grip of terror.

In a heartening development, Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba disclosed that 313 terrorists willingly surrendered to the troops at various locations within the North East region. Among these surrenders were 12 male adults, 138 female adults, and 162 children. This is a positive sign that the Armed Forces’ commitment to combating terrorism is creating opportunities for those ensnared by extremist ideologies to break free and return to normalcy.

The Air Component’s Vital Role

Military neutralises 36 terrorists, arrests 163 criminals

The Air component of the Nigerian Armed Forces has played a vital role in supporting ground operations. They have executed precision airstrikes, effectively degrading terrorist hideouts and gathering points. An excellent example of their prowess was the recent attack on a terrorist hideout in Wulade, where they successfully dispersed and neutralized the threat posed by the extremists.


Military neutralises 36 terrorists, arrests 163 criminals

The remarkable achievements of the Armed Forces of Nigeria over the last two weeks stand as a testament to their commitment to the safety and security of the nation and its citizens. Through their relentless efforts, they have managed to eliminate terrorists, apprehend criminals, rescue hostages, and recover weapons and stolen goods. Their dedication in combating illegal activities, particularly oil theft, deserves commendation.

It is crucial to recognize and appreciate the Armed Forces’ efforts in the North East, where they have neutralized terrorists, rescued hostages, and facilitated the surrender of extremists. Their tireless work ensures that the region moves closer to lasting peace and stability.

The Nigerian Armed Forces’ contributions in ensuring national security and stability are unparalleled, and their heroic achievements undoubtedly warrant admiration and recognition.


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