Legal Battle Unfolds: Suspended LG Chairmen in Ondo Seek Appellate Intervention

Legal Battle Unfolds: Suspended LG Chairmen in Ondo Seek Appellate Intervention

Suspended LG Chairmen in Ondo Seek Appellate Intervention

Explore the ongoing legal saga as Ondo’s caretaker chairmen challenge a court order, demanding a reversal. Get the latest updates on the appeal.

“Suspended LG Chairmen in Ondo Appeal Court Decision”

“Legal Appeal – Ondo State LG Chairmen”

In a surprising turn of events, the newly sworn-in caretaker chairmen of the 18 local government chairmen and the 33 Local Council Development Areas of Ondo State find themselves entangled in a legal battle. Their quest? To challenge a restraining order issued by the state High Court, preventing them from assuming office.

The Appeal to Reverse the Order

These chairmen have approached the Court of Appeal, seeking a reversal of the order that halted their inauguration. The legal move involves challenging specific rulings delivered by Hon. Justice Yemi Fasanmi of the Ondo State High Court.

In their appeal, the chairmen request an annulment of two key rulings related to interim injunctions. Additionally, they seek a hearing of the substantive suit before a different judge, questioning the impartiality of the original judgment.

Ministry’s Directive and Legal Response

A circular from the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs directed the retrieval of properties from the suspended chairmen. However, the appellants’ counsel, Banji Ayenakin, informs the ministry of the appeal, highlighting the ongoing legal proceedings and the Attorney General’s intervention.

Addressing Misconceptions

In response to the ministry’s claim that the chairmen continue to operate despite the court’s decision, Ayenakin clarifies the legal stance. The appeal and applications for a stay of proceedings and execution challenge the assumed finality of the judgment.


Q1: Why were the caretaker chairmen suspended?

A1: The caretaker chairmen were suspended following a court order that halted their inauguration, citing legal concerns.

Q2: What is the basis for the appeal?

A2: The appeal challenges specific rulings related to interim injunctions and questions the suitability of the original judge.

Q3: How does the Attorney General factor into this?

A3: The Attorney General of Ondo State has filed an appeal and requested a stay of proceedings and execution, indicating ongoing legal action.


As the legal drama unfolds, Ondo State’s suspended caretaker chairmen navigate a complex web of court orders and appeals. The quest for justice and the right to assume office continues, with the intricacies of legal proceedings adding layers to this unfolding story.


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