Lagos Threatens Actress Iyabo Ojo With Jail Over N18m Tax Debt

Lagos Threatens Actress Iyabo Ojo With Jail Over N18m Tax Debt

The Lagos State Government has issued a seven-day ultimatum to Iyabo Ojo, a popular Nollywood actress, demanding payment of N18,640,092.00 as personal income tax. Failure to comply may result in imprisonment.

Iyabo Ojo

In a letter addressed to the actress, the Lagos government alleges that she owes N7,376,000.00 for the 2022 tax year and an additional N11,264,092 in back taxes for 2021.

Responding to the letter on Monday, Iyabo Ojo expressed criticism towards the methodology used to calculate what she considers an excessively high tax bill.

Taking to her Instagram page, she shared a picture of the bill and questioned the basis for the “outrageous” personal income taxes regularly imposed on her. She directed her message to Governor Jide Sanwoolu and the Lagos State Government, asking how they arrived at such exorbitant amounts.

Despite diligently fulfilling her tax obligations for her businesses and property, she finds herself faced with substantial additional charges and a mere seven-day deadline for payment.

Previously, she had complied with their request to visit their office and provide a detailed declaration of her earnings alongside her tax consultant. However, she received no response to her correspondence, leading her to wonder why they continue to impose unreasonably high bills.

She further expressed frustration with the government’s lack of tangible support or assistance, emphasizing that she feels no gratitude or benefit from their actions. With a hint of sarcasm, she questioned whether she should resort to illegal activities to meet their demands.

Concluding her statement, she challenged the government, stating that they were welcome to shut down her business, arrest her, or even take her life if they wished, as we all inevitably face mortality.


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