Lagos State Government Takes Decisive Action: Demolishes Illegal Structures in Banana Island and Parkview Estate

Lagos State Government Takes Decisive Action: Demolishes Illegal Structures in Banana Island and Parkview Estate

Lagos State Government Takes Decisive Action


In a bold move, the Lagos State Government has taken swift action to demolish illegal structures that were erected on drainage alignment in the prestigious Parkview Estate and Banana Island areas of the state. The Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, announced this significant development via his official handle on Wednesday, highlighting the government’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of critical drainage systems.

The Demolition Operation

The enforcement team of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources initiated the removal of these illegal structures on Tuesday. The primary objective behind this decisive action is to ensure unobstructed access to the collector drain, facilitating essential cleaning and maintenance activities. Commissioner Tokunbo Wahab emphasized the importance of adhering to contravention notices served on properties built on setbacks, particularly along the Mojisola Onikoyi Shoreline Estate – Parkview Estate – Banana Island collector drain in Ikoyi.

Contravention Notice and Expiration

The Lagos State Government had previously served contravention notices on properties encroaching on the drainage alignment. However, following the expiration of these notices, the enforcement team promptly moved forward with the demolition operation. This proactive measure underscores the government’s commitment to enforcing urban planning regulations and preserving critical infrastructure.

Ensuring Drainage Access for Maintenance

Commissioner Tokunbo Wahab clarified that the removal of the illegal structures is essential to allow unimpeded access to the collector drain. This access is crucial for conducting regular cleaning and maintenance activities, which, in turn, contribute to the efficient functioning of the drainage system. The government’s dedication to preventing blockages and ensuring the free flow of water reflects a broader commitment to environmental sustainability and disaster prevention.

Upholding Urban Planning Standards

The enforcement action in Parkview Estate and Banana Island reaffirms the Lagos State Government’s dedication to upholding urban planning standards. Encroachments on drainage alignments pose significant risks to both the environment and public safety. By swiftly addressing these issues, the government sends a clear message about the importance of responsible and lawful development, particularly in high-profile residential areas.


As the Lagos State Government continues to prioritize environmental sustainability and urban planning, the recent demolition of illegal structures in Parkview Estate and Banana Island stands as a testament to its commitment. The enforcement of regulations and the removal of encroachments on critical infrastructure reflect a proactive approach to maintaining a resilient and safe living environment for all residents.


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