Imo patriots in Australia endorse LP candidate, Achonu for guber poll

Imo patriots in Australia endorse LP candidate, Achonu for guber poll

Indigenes of Imo State in Australia Endorse Labour Party Candidate Senator Athan Achonu for November Governorship Election

Achonu for guber poll

In a significant turn of events, Indigenes of Imo State living in Australia have thrown their weight behind the Labour Party candidate, Senator Athan Achonu, for the forthcoming November governorship election in the state. This endorsement comes merely 48 hours subsequent to the LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s, impassioned campaign kickoff for Achonu, during which he issued a fervent ultimatum to the incumbent Governor, Hope Uzodinma.

A Thoughtful Endorsement Based on Resolute Antecedents

Achonu for guber poll

The diaspora group, renowned as the Imo Technocratic Elite in Australia, has articulated their decision to support the LP candidate after meticulous consideration of the track records and qualifications of all candidates vying for the gubernatorial position. In a joint statement released by Professor Samson Ibekwe, Chairman, and Dr Jude Nnabuikem, Secretary of the group, they elucidated, “We have opted for Achonu due to his distinct antecedents that shine even brighter when juxtaposed with his contenders.”

Amid lamentations about the current state of affairs in Imo State, the group holds that the state is in a dire condition and requires urgent revitalization to avert total deterioration.

Competence and Capacity for Rejuvenation

Achonu for guber poll

Emphasizing the qualities that make Senator Achonu stand out, the group underscores his capacity, exposure, experience, and competence that render him suitable to reinvigorate Imo State, steering it towards a trajectory of peace, stability, and prosperity. Referring to Senator Achonu’s past service at the Senate, the group highlights his personal antecedents, which corroborate his commitment to public service.

Furthermore, the impressive transformation experienced by the neighboring Abia State, a region controlled by the Labour Party, provides a compelling case that bolsters the group’s confidence in the potential advancement of Imo under the Labour Party.

A State in Distress: From Slaughter Ground to Safe Haven

Achonu for guber poll

Regrettably, the group voices its concern over the precarious security situation in Imo State, equating the once peaceful land to a “theatre of war and a slaughter ground.” The group bemoans the tragic state of affairs, with many communities in the state rendered desolate due to senseless killings and violence, forcing Imo indigenes to become refugees in their homeland. This alarming trend, if not promptly addressed, threatens the very survival of the state.

The Aftermath of Political Upheaval

The group attributes the deterioration to the turmoil that followed the court’s removal of a democratically elected Governor in 2020. This event has triggered an ongoing state of chaos, with bloodshed becoming an all too familiar scene on the streets of Imo. The absence of accountability from responsible parties and the failure of the ruling Government to curb the menace have paved the way for non-state actors to exert control, inflicting pain and suffering on the local population.

Infringement on Basic Rights

As the group highlights infrastructural decay and the deplorable condition of workers and pensioners, it condemns the misgovernance that has tarnished Imo’s reputation within the South East. The deterioration of infrastructure and the neglect of workers and pensioners have painted a grim picture, reflecting a lack of visionary leadership.

Uniting for a Brighter Future

Amidst the distressing state of affairs, the group calls upon the citizens of Imo, especially the youth, to reject monetary incentives and prioritize competence and capacity when exercising their votes. The call extends to transcending political affiliations for the greater good, much like the approach taken by Abia State.

Charting a Path Towards Liberation

The group passionately advocates for unity against political oppression, urging Imolites to rally against forces that undermine the democratic process. Imo’s future should stand paramount, transcending transient considerations. The group pledges unwavering support to Senator Achonu’s gubernatorial bid, driven by the aspiration for the collective betterment of all Imo indigenes.


Achonu for guber poll

The endorsement of Labour Party candidate Senator Athan Achonu by the Imo Technocratic Elite in Australia underscores the yearning for transformative leadership to resurrect Imo State from its current state of distress. With a focus on competence, capacity, and a desire to rise above political divisiveness, this endorsement reflects a collective aspiration for a brighter future, driven by responsible governance and holistic progress. As the November governorship election approaches, the resounding call for unity and thoughtful voting resonates, signifying the determination of Imo’s diaspora community to propel their homeland toward a path of rejuvenation and prosperity.


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