I’ll like to work with Kanye – Asake reveals dream collaboration

I’ll like to work with Kanye – Asake reveals dream collaboration


Asake’s Dream Collaboration: Kanye West

In the ever-evolving world of music, collaborations have often been the catalyst for groundbreaking and genre-defying creations. When two artists from different walks of life come together to create something extraordinary, it often transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the industry. Nigerian sensation, Ahmed Ololade, popularly known as Asake, has recently revealed his dream collaboration, and it’s none other than the American rap icon, Kanye West.

In this article, we delve into Asake’s aspirations, his thoughts on the importance of connection in music collaboration, and the global explosion of the afrobeats genre. As we explore these facets of Asake’s musical journey, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive insight that goes beyond the surface, giving you a deeper understanding of his artistic vision and the global music landscape.

The Revelation: Asake’s Dream Collaboration with Kanye West


In a recent interview with Billboard News, Asake openly shared his dream collaboration. He emphasized that, for him, the key factor in collaborating with any artist is a genuine connection. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the person behind it.

Asake stated, “For me, I need to like the person before I can make music with you. I need to be comfortable with you. Not even because of the music alone.”

This revelation underscores the importance of a profound connection between artists when creating music. It’s not merely a matter of aligning schedules or hitting the studio together; it’s about a shared vision, mutual respect, and a true appreciation for each other’s craft.

“I’m not saying I can’t make music with other people,” Asake continued, “but I like real energy. If you like me beyond the music, it’s good. But I need to connect with your music, I need to like the person I want to work with first, so it won’t be a problem for me. There must be synergy.”

This candid statement reflects Asake’s commitment to creating meaningful and impactful music. It’s not about chasing trends or collaborating for the sake of it; it’s about crafting something genuine and powerful that resonates with both the artists involved and their audiences.

The Dream: Collaborating with Kanye West


Asake’s dream collaboration with Kanye West is a testament to his aspirations to push the boundaries of his music. Kanye West, a legend in the music industry known for his innovation and creativity, is an artist who has consistently challenged the status quo. His genre-blurring approach and fearless exploration of musical styles make him an ideal collaborator for someone like Asake, who is also breaking new ground in the afrobeats genre.

The idea of these two musical powerhouses coming together is tantalizing, to say the least. It’s not just a meeting of minds but a convergence of two distinct musical worlds. Kanye West’s experimental production style and Asake’s afrobeats prowess could potentially create a sonic fusion that redefines contemporary music.

Afrobeats: The Global Phenomenon


Asake’s rise to fame coincides with the global explosion of the afrobeats genre. Afrobeats, characterized by its infectious rhythms, vibrant melodies, and culturally rich lyrics, has taken the world by storm. Asake’s success in this genre, particularly with his hit track ‘Omo Ope,’ has contributed to the genre’s rapid growth.

In his interview, Asake shared his thoughts on the phenomenon, stating, “It is like you having a baby and your baby is growing. You know, you feel good when you have something around you and the thing is growing.”

This analogy captures the essence of the afrobeats movement. It’s a genre that has grown organically, driven by the passion and creativity of artists like Asake. Its global reach has opened doors for collaboration and cultural exchange on an unprecedented scale, making it one of the most exciting and influential genres in contemporary music.

Awards and Accolades


Asake’s talent and dedication to his craft have not gone unnoticed. At the 16th Headies Awards, he clinched two prestigious awards – the Next Rated category and Album of the Year. These accolades are a testament to his rising star and the impact of his music on the industry.

In Conclusion, Asake’s dream collaboration with Kanye West represents a meeting of two visionary artists who share a deep passion for their craft. Asake’s commitment to creating music that resonates on a personal level, combined with the global phenomenon of afrobeats, sets the stage for exciting developments in the world of music.

As the music industry continues to evolve, collaborations like the one Asake envisions with Kanye West have the potential to redefine genres, break boundaries, and create timeless musical masterpieces that will be celebrated for generations to come.


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