Glo’s Green December: Unwrapping Exciting Smartphone Deals for Christmas

Glo’s Green December: Unwrapping Exciting Smartphone Deals for Christmas

Exciting Smartphone Deals for Christmas

As the holiday season unfolds, Globacom, a leading telecommunications solutions provider, is ushering in the festive spirit with its Green December offer. Aimed at delighting both existing and new subscribers, this promotion brings forth a sleigh of incredible deals on smartphones, airtime, and data, making Glo the go-to destination for cutting-edge devices and festive cheer.

Smartphone Extravaganza

Globacom, in collaboration with top-rated device manufacturers, is showcasing an array of smartphones that cater to diverse preferences. The Green December offer not only presents customers with the opportunity to acquire their desired hand-held devices but also sweetens the deal by bundling airtime and data with every purchase.

Staggered Payments for Accessibility

Understanding the financial dynamics during the holiday season, Glo ensures that the joy of acquiring a new smartphone is accessible to all. Customers can opt for staggered payments, allowing them to spread the cost over several months. This flexibility aligns with the spirit of giving, enabling users to enjoy the latest technology without straining their budgets.

Unveiling Irresistible Discounts

The Green December offer brings forth irresistible discounts on a range of smartphones, making it an ideal time to upgrade or gift loved ones. Here are some noteworthy discounts on Samsung devices:

  • Samsung S23 FE 128+8: Reduced from N636,000 to N599,000
  • Samsung S23 FE 256+8: Slashed from N692,000 to N649,000
  • Samsung A24 128+4: Discounted from N266,200 to N225,000
  • Samsung A24 128+6: Now priced at N250,000 from N283,300
  • Samsung A04e 32+3: Reduced to N90,000 from N95,000

And more, including enticing discounts on Samsung A04e, A34, A54 in various configurations. These reduced prices make premium smartphones more accessible to a broader audience during the season of giving.

Bonus Data for a Connected Celebration

In addition to the discounted prices, Glo is spreading extra cheer by offering an 18GB data bonus spread over six months with every device purchased. This bonus ensures that customers stay connected, share joyful moments, and make the most of their new smartphones.

How to Avail the Offer

To enjoy the Green December offer, customers are encouraged to make their purchases exclusively at Gloworld outlets. The discounts and additional benefits are applicable only when buying directly from Glo’s dedicated retail spaces.

In conclusion, Glo’s Green December is not just a promotion; it’s a celebration of connectivity, accessibility, and the joy of gifting during the festive season. Whether you are treating yourself or surprising a loved one, Glo’s smartphone deals are a gateway to a technologically enriched and connected Christmas.


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