FG to construct flyover on Abuja-Lokoja highway to mitigate flooding – Umahi 

FG to construct flyover on Abuja-Lokoja highway to mitigate flooding – Umahi 

Constructing a Flood-Mitigating Flyover: Minister David Umahi’s Bold Step

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In a resounding declaration of intent, the Minister of Works, David Umahi, has unveiled a transformative plan that aims to combat flooding along the notorious Abuja-Lokoja highway. This visionary initiative comes as part of a broader effort to reshape Nigeria’s infrastructure landscape and tackle long-standing challenges head-on. Umahi’s words, spoken during an inspection tour of the ongoing construction works on the Abuja-Lokoja road, have sent ripples of anticipation through the nation.

A Timely Solution to a Perennial Problem

construct flyover

The Abuja-Lokoja highway, a vital artery connecting two key cities, has for years battled the menace of flooding. The rainy seasons often bring chaos and disruption, rendering sections of the road impassable due to rising water levels. But now, with the announcement of the proposed flyover, a ray of hope shines upon this pressing issue.

A Bird’s-Eye Panacea: The Flyover Solution

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Minister Umahi’s ingenious solution centers around the construction of a strategically positioned flyover. The focal point of this grand scheme is the flood-prone Koton Karfe section, notorious for experiencing recurrent inundation. The proposed flyover would elegantly span the problematic area, elevating the roadway above the floodwaters and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Calculated Engineering Brilliance

The flyover’s design is not merely an exercise in infrastructure but a testament to calculated engineering brilliance. With an expanse of approximately 1.6 kilometers, the proposed structure calls for a series of five flyovers, each a masterstroke of ingenuity. By defying conventional limitations, Umahi’s proposal aims to enhance both functionality and aesthetics, offering a permanent solution to a seemingly intractable problem.

Collaboration for Progress: Umahi and Governor Bello’s Unified Front

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The journey towards realizing this transformative project is marked by unity and shared determination. Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state stands shoulder to shoulder with Minister Umahi, recognizing the significance of this endeavor.

An Applaudable Gesture

Governor Bello’s commendation of Minister Umahi’s swift action speaks volumes. In an era where bureaucratic delays can stifle progress, the decisive deployment of the Honourable Minister to address the flooding issue is nothing short of applaudable. Swift and decisive action is the cornerstone of progress, and both leaders exemplify this principle.

Pioneering Resilience: A Road for Generations

Governor Bello’s enthusiasm is contagious, and his commitment to the project’s long-term resilience is palpable. He envisions a road that transcends seasonal hardships, one that stands unwavering in the face of flooding. This dedication to pioneering resilience is a testament to both leaders’ vision for a better, more robust Nigeria.

Paving the Way for a Flood-Resistant Future

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Minister Umahi’s proposal for a flood-mitigating flyover marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s infrastructure evolution. It is not merely a physical structure but a symbol of progress, innovation, and a commitment to overcoming challenges. As the proposal takes shape, the nation watches with bated breath, eager to witness the transformation of a problem-ridden highway into a symbol of resilience and growth.

In a country where infrastructure development has often been marred by obstacles, the proactive approach adopted by Minister Umahi and Governor Bello serves as an inspiring model. Their collaboration reflects the power of visionary leadership and effective governance, laying the groundwork for a future in which challenges are met with unwavering determination.


construct flyover

The journey towards constructing the flood-mitigating flyover along the Abuja-Lokoja highway is an embodiment of Nigeria’s potential for growth and progress. Minister David Umahi’s resolute commitment and Governor Yahaya Bello’s unwavering support showcase the transformative impact of leadership that prioritizes solutions over obstacles.

As the plans move forward, the entire nation anticipates a new era of connectivity, resilience, and innovation. The flyover project is more than a physical structure; it is a symbol of Nigeria’s capacity to rise above challenges and forge a future defined by progress.


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