Exploring Benue State Government’s Initiative to Engage Bandits for Peace and Security

Exploring Benue State Government’s Initiative to Engage Bandits for Peace and Security

Benue State Government

In recent times, the Ukum Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State, Nigeria, has been grappling with a rising wave of insecurity, primarily attributed to the activities of armed bandits. The situation in this region has raised concerns both locally and nationally, prompting the Benue State government to take a proactive and innovative approach towards resolving this crisis. Under the leadership of Governor Hyacinth Alia, the state has initiated talks with these armed groups, aiming to put an end to the spate of violence and insecurity in the region.

The State’s Unprecedented Endeavor

Governor Hyacinth Alia, who is not only the political leader of Benue State but also a respected Priest, has demonstrated unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the state’s residents. This commitment to security and human life is exemplified by the state’s unique approach to addressing the issue of insecurity. Benue State stands as the first in the country to appoint two Security Advisers: one for Security and Strategic Liaison and the other for Security and Internal Affairs. This bold step underscores the seriousness with which the state government is tackling the issue.

Building Trust and Confidence

The primary goal of the government’s engagement with the armed bandits is to build trust and confidence among them. Governor Hyacinth Alia’s administration believes in the potential for these individuals to renounce violence and contribute positively to their communities and the state as a whole. By opening lines of communication and demonstrating its commitment to peaceful coexistence, the government hopes to persuade these armed groups to lay down their arms and embrace a new path.

Involving Traditional Rulers

To strengthen the process and emphasize its sincerity, the Benue State government is enlisting the support of traditional rulers. Traditional institutions have deep-rooted significance in Nigerian society and hold considerable influence over the people. Their involvement in the peace process not only adds a cultural dimension but also amplifies the message of reconciliation and unity. By working in harmony with these revered figures, the government aims to convey its genuine intentions to the armed bandits and show its dedication to providing them with opportunities for more constructive endeavors.

The Way Forward

The government’s approach is based on a firm belief that the actions of these armed groups have detrimental consequences for their communities, the local economy, and the overall image of the state. The recent surge in violence has left a trail of destruction and suffering, making it imperative for both sides to come to the table and find common ground.

Learning from Past Mistakes

Governor Hyacinth Alia’s administration acknowledges that mistakes may have been made in the past, particularly in the handling of individuals like Terwase Akwaza, also known as ‘Gana.’ However, the government is resolute in its commitment to rectify these past errors and forge a new path forward. It firmly believes that by extending a hand of fellowship and trust, a non-kinetic approach can effectively combat insecurity within the state.

The Promise of a Brighter Future

The engagement with armed bandits is a testament to Governor Hyacinth Alia’s genuine desire to restore peace, security, and prosperity to Benue State. The government, alongside its security agencies, is dedicated to employing a non-violent approach that focuses on dialogue, understanding, and cooperation. This marks a significant departure from the violent methods previously employed, with the ultimate goal being a safer, more secure, and harmonious state for all its residents.


The Benue State government’s bold initiative to engage armed bandits for the sake of peace and security is a testament to its commitment to the welfare of its people. By involving traditional rulers, demonstrating sincerity, and seeking to rebuild trust, the government is working diligently to end the cycle of violence and insecurity in Ukum Local Government Area. This groundbreaking approach, coupled with the state’s unique leadership under Governor Hyacinth Alia, has the potential to bring about lasting positive change and ensure a brighter future for Benue State and its residents.


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