Edwin Clark: Buhari Has Failed and Should Resign Now

Edwin Clark: Buhari Has Failed and Should Resign Now

When speaking during a news conference on Sunday at his Abuja home, the former Federal Commissioner for Information Edwin Clark said, “History will remember Buhari saying that he was the worst leader Nigeria has ever had for failing to see the entire country as his constituency.”

Clark said that the Niger Delta’s residents were disappointed with the outgoing president and accused Buhari of “marginalizing and humiliating the people of the Niger Delta.”

President Muhammadu Buhari, who claimed in his inauguration speech that he belonged to everyone, “has demonstrated in the past eight years that he did not belong to the whole country but to a group; his tribe and religion,” said the head of the Southern and Middle Belt Leadership Forum (SMBLF), said.


For instance, he chose fourteen of the country’s seventeen security chiefs from one region. Therefore, it was a lie to claim that he belonged to everyone and nobody. I’ll venture to suggest that the situation has really been the opposite; he does not, however, belong to all of Nigeria.

The Muhammadu Buhari administration was selective and biased in who it chose to recognize or consider worthy of goodwill messages, Clark claimed. “Even in simple matters like extending the good wishes of the government to notable personalities in the country on their birthdays or other landmark attainments,” Clark said.


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