China: We Don’t Fund Terrorists In Nigeria For Resources

China: We Don’t Fund Terrorists In Nigeria For Resources

The Chinese government has denied providing money to terrorists so they can enter mining sites in Nigeria and has stated that it will never finance terrorism in any way.


China issued a statement rejecting its involvement in the financing of terrorists to gain access to Nigeria’s mineral wealth in response to a story by the British news outlet The Times.

The report, headed “China ‘Bribed Nigerian Terrorists for Access to massive mineral deposits,” is dated April 15, 2023. reported that “China may be supporting terrorism in Nigeria indirectly.”

The report is “based on unsubstantiated, ambiguous, and unproven facts,” the Chinese Embassy claimed, “to which we have to express our severe discontent and protest.”

The statement also stated that the Chinese government and embassy in Nigeria “have always encouraged and urged the Chinese companies and nationals in Nigeria to abide by the laws and regulations of Nigeria and to implement the local rules and guidance on labor, environment, health, and safety, etc.,” and that they would keep up their efforts in this regard.

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“The Chinese government never supported terrorism in any way and never will.

“The report’s charges were entirely careless and immoral, and the report’s motivations are significantly in doubt.

“During the past decades, China and Nigeria’s bilateral cooperation has benefited our relations bilaterally and the welfare of the two peoples in real ways.

Together with the Nigerian government, we’ll keep advancing development and addressing security concerns.

We would reject any intention or action that would cast doubt on our cooperation, but we would welcome international partners to join our efforts in good faith.


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