Breaking: Lagos Police Declare ‘Primeboy’ Wanted Over Mohbad’s Death; Offer N1m Bounty

Breaking: Lagos Police Declare ‘Primeboy’ Wanted Over Mohbad’s Death; Offer N1m Bounty


In a startling turn of events, the Lagos State Police Command has declared Owodunni Ibrahim, also known as Primeboy, as a wanted individual. This declaration comes in the wake of his failure to respond to a police invitation related to the investigation into the untimely demise of the renowned singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad. The case has gripped the nation, and the Lagos police are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice.

The Urgency of the Matter

The Lagos police spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, took to his official social media handle to make this announcement. He provided crucial details about the wanted individual, Ibrahim. According to Hundeyin, Ibrahim is approximately 1.64 meters tall, male, possesses a dark complexion, prominent tribal marks, and belongs to the Yoruba ethnic group. These details are invaluable in the ongoing manhunt to bring Primeboy to justice.

Last Known Whereabouts

Furthermore, the Lagos police have disclosed that Ibrahim’s last known address is 3rd Power, Oke Eletu, Ikorodu. This vital information could potentially lead to his apprehension. The police urge anyone with information regarding Primeboy’s whereabouts to contact the nearest police station or call 0803 688 5727.

Reward for Information

In an effort to expedite Primeboy’s capture, the state Commissioner of Police, CP Idowu Owohunwa, has offered a substantial reward of N1 million (One Million Naira Only) to anyone who can provide credible information that leads to the arrest of the wanted individual. This move underscores the seriousness with which the police are approaching this case and their commitment to ensuring justice for Mohbad.

Mohbad’s Tragic Demise

To provide context, Mohbad was a talented artist and a former signee of Naira Marley’s record label. His untimely death, at the tender age of 27, sent shockwaves throughout the music industry and his legion of fans. The circumstances surrounding his passing are shrouded in mystery, making the police investigation all the more crucial.

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In conclusion, the Lagos police’s declaration of Primeboy as a wanted individual and the offer of a N1 million bounty for information leading to his arrest has sent shockwaves through the nation. The mysterious circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s tragic demise demand justice, and the police are sparing no effort in their pursuit.

On the SEO front, remember that while many factors influence search rankings, quality content remains paramount. By conducting thorough keyword research, structuring your content effectively, and providing rich, comprehensive information, you can create an article that not only informs but also ranks high on Google.


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