Benue State Police Uncover Ritualist Network: 25 Arrested, Including Suspected Arm Manufacturers

Benue State Police Uncover Ritualist Network: 25 Arrested, Including Suspected Arm Manufacturers

Benue State Police Uncover Ritualist Network

In a significant operation, the Benue State Police have successfully apprehended 25 individuals involved in various criminal activities across the state. Among those arrested were a suspected spiritualist, his pregnant wife, and five others who had traveled from Delta State to Benue. The operation also targeted and arrested 15 individuals suspected of manufacturing illegal arms.

Spiritualist’s Ritual Activities Unveiled

The arrest of a suspected spiritualist, Godspower Oghenerumu, and his accomplices unfolded on the 21st of November, 2023. Acting on a tip, a police team on routine patrol in Makurdi received information about ritual activities being carried out by the group. The suspects, hailing from Delta State, had promised followers financial gains through ritual activities. However, when the promised benefits failed to materialize, Godspower allegedly claimed that they needed to move to Benue for further instructions on money manufacturing.

The police team swiftly intervened, apprehending the spiritual leader, his pregnant wife, and five others. Investigations revealed their involvement in previous ritual activities in Delta State that did not yield the expected results. This incident highlights the alarming spread of fraudulent spiritual practices and the vulnerability of individuals seeking quick riches.

Crackdown on Illegal Arms Manufacturers

In a parallel operation on the 15th of November, 2023, the Benue State Police targeted a network of arm manufacturers along the Vandeikya-Adikpo Road. The successful raid led to the arrest of Fater Terkula Sunday and Jem Demesugh. The hideout yielded a significant haul of illicit items, including six locally fabricated Beretta pistols, underlining the severity of the arms trade within the region.

The recovered exhibits from the suspects’ hideout included locally made Beretta pistols, two gas cylinders, one welding cylinder, two welding nozzles, and a Sienna bus. The crackdown on illegal arms manufacturing addresses a critical aspect of law enforcement, contributing to efforts to curb criminal activities fueled by the availability of illicit firearms.

Police Response and Public Safety

The Benue State Police’s proactive response to the reported ritual activities and the successful operation against arms manufacturers demonstrate a commitment to public safety. These arrests not only disrupt criminal networks but also serve as a deterrent to those engaging in illegal activities within the state.

The coordinated efforts of law enforcement agencies contribute to maintaining law and order, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents. As investigations proceed, the arrests will shed light on the extent of these criminal networks and may lead to further breakthroughs in dismantling organized crime in the region.


The recent operations by the Benue State Police underscore the challenges faced in maintaining public safety and combating various forms of criminality. From fraudulent ritual activities to the illicit arms trade, law enforcement remains vigilant in its mission to protect communities and uphold the rule of law.


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