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12K+ Women Warriors: Fighting for Food Security in Nigeria.

By potpourrinews.com Mar 29, 2023
Women12,000 women decide to support the growth of food
Women security

To ensure food security across Nigeria, up to 12,000 women have signed up as members of the Nigerian Association of Women in Agriculture (NAWIA) to increase food production in the country.

NAWIA National President Ms. Ngizan Chahul revealed this during the 2022 Annual General Meeting, to be held in March 2023.

Ms. Chahul said the association is working on 12 projects. and different programs in different parts of the country to touch the lives of women smallholder farmers and vulnerable people in different subject areas.

She praised the Nigerian women who joined NAWIA and were responsible for producing food to feed the nation and said “No women, no food, no food, no nation”.

She noted that the association has increased its activities in the states of the country and established offices in more states to ensure that women are well coordinated and also benefit from the ease of access to agricultural inputs and support to help them work better.

According to Ms. Chahul, “last year, the association was able to launch its offices and structures in five states; Instead of the conventional approach, we operated, including moving from headquarters to work on projects in the states where the organization has a presence, including Kaduna, Niger, Nasarawa Plateau, and Cross. River. Kwara State went live earlier this year in January.

“I am also pleased to announce that the membership of the association has grown from about 300 in 2012 to over 12,000 today, with more than 12 different projects and programs organized to impact the lives of people. The lives of smallholders who are women and other vulnerable populations in our country have been completed and then planned how to develop the association, the number of members, and the presence of associations across the country, all of which aim to touch the lives of many of the country’s smaller female farmers.

“And we have ministries with us to guide and testify as we go on,” she added.

The meeting was attended by representatives of federal departments, the General Assembly, board members, the association manager, the WIA state director, the state coordinator, staff, and the director of the association.

The meeting also devoted a minute of silence to honor the life of the association’s founder and outgoing president, Florence Abeda, who was recently buried while praying that the vision Her work is dedicated to the many peasant women and young men in the country who were not allowed to die.

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